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“Bamboo will have a huge impact in U.S. agriculture and could reach several hundred thousand acres and perhaps more,” says David Knight, co-founder and CEO of Resource Fiber. “We’re talking about a billion-dollar U.S. industry.”


Substantial opportunities are aligning for bamboo production in the United States, and even a tiny piece of the worldwide marketplace could produce windfall earnings to American agriculture. The U.S. is a second-tier participant in the $60-billion global bamboo marketplace as an importer and consumer but hasn’t yet joined the production side in a significant way. However, the bystander role of U.S. agriculture is transforming rapidly: Bamboo is poised to go big on U.S. farmland.

Here at Banrion Corp, we are continuously evolving how we work and how we look at marketplace challenges so we can continue to deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients and our communities.

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